Stargazing 3:04 am – Love Yourself

The moon overshadows them- a show stopper or rather an attention seeker. The moon doesn`t intrigue me though- I`m not her wolverine just yet! 

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I`m your happy expression to the world.
The paradise for a new born`s parents or
a sign of relief for the passengers on flight with you…..

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I have the weight of the world on my shoulders.
The asylum holding your sanity captive –
Keeping it in check.
The Tilak on your forehead-
the dictator who the rigid factions uphold,
the adventurer’s solace –
A lover’s eternal resort.

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I`m your worst nightmare,
The one who dresses in black robes,
haunting you at the twelfth hour.
I`m the person you avoid bumping up into everyday.
Though at times we’re inseparable,
sitting in your room together while you try picking up
the broken pieces of your soul.

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